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Originally Posted by ScaredStreit View Post
By your logic sponsors would rather advertise for hockey in Nashville (winning team), than Toronto.
Reread....NOT one ounce of what I said at all. If people come, the more the stands fill up, the more advertisers notice. Period. No one outsells Toronto, so enough with that strawman.

It doesn't hold any water. Advertisers care about 1 thing-how many people they're able to reach with ads. It's that simple.
which is what I said? Sell tickets, sell ads.
Brooklyn's population is about the same as Nassau+Suffolk combined (and MUCH more importantly more concentrated).
And 14,500 people at all times for Isles games would be nice. 16,234 at all times would be nicer. Now if you have a garbage product to sell and higher tickets, what number of people will go to Isles games in Ranger territory? Hopefully enough. The advertisers might pull ads once the new team smell fades in Brooklyn, correct? (though they will get more advertisers than a broken awful Isles team in Nassau due to the arena and Nets).

Would winning bring fans to NVMC? OF COURSE. But the problem is this: you can say that about ANY NHL, NFL, MLB, or NBA team. It's a terrible argument. Attendance during losing years is more important than winning years. That's what really shows a team how strong their base is.
And what about attendance for teams in metro areas whose teams suck for decades at a time? Any stats on the attendance for, say, a comparable scenario? You lose and lose and lose and no one goes....yeah, lemme advertise with those guys. Get my product seen.

The Islanders are moving to Brooklyn-I understand that many are upset about it, and have been fighting it tooth and nail (even to the point of being so naive that they honestly believe that a franchise would have a NHL team in Suffolk).

The suburbs are NOT suitable for the NHL. Times have changed. Just because the Islanders organization lives in the early 80's-the world doesn't. Long Island can't support a team-EVEN a winning team. It just can't. That's not a knock on Long's reality. Get over it. Move on. Be grateful we still have a team to cheer for. Wang bent over backwards for Nassau and how did the people respond? They voted it down.
Wang did everything.....but compromise, guarantee to the highest taxes people in America they won't raise taxes with a new arena, etc. Yep. Wang did everything right and so on, so forth. I get the spiel. We still have a team, but we would have a team in Nassau in a new arena if we had a better owner. Milstein probably could have gotten the arena done! Anyone willing to walk the walk with our inept county.

Honestly I blame the people of Nassau the most. Not just for the one vote (that is a big thing). But even if you wanna blame the politicians-who votes them in? The people of Nassau need to look at themselves in the mirror and wake up. The Islanders are moving to Brooklyn. No you wont be able to go to as many games. Get over it-and move on. It wont be that a former season ticket holder who now only sees them twice a year (1 was already cancelled so my best case scenario is 1 time this year), I PROMISE you. It could be worse-a lot worse. You could have to become a fan of another team. I don't know about you-but I was prepared to become a full-time Lightning fan in a few years. The move to Brooklyn is EASILY the best Islanders related news I've ever heard in my life.
We agree on who voted for the pols, yes. The rest.....let's ignore Bettman stating no historic franchises would be moved. Let's ignore the NHL prohibiting the Yotes from relocating. Let's go by the press release - they were in danger of moving out of state if Wang did not renew the Nassau lease and retain control of the building and continue to wait for the County to get on its feet in bad times with, say, a five year extension, and the renovation would never happen. Wait, I mean if Wang did not sign with Brooklyn three years before the deadline.

I dunno.....happy they didn't move to Kansas (a BS ploy) or Quebec. Happy I can drink on the way to games. But we're discussing not them moving but the reality of an arena in Nassau. I say it would work if they made it worth it to fans to go. To advertisers to spend on the arena. New arena does not mean ad dollars - they would have to succeed like the Mets don't in their new arena.

And Streit, TWO things about Wang: He's unpredictable with his actions, not money, and he's unethical with the money. History proves both in spades.

We have to win to draw fans and draw fans to get revenue. Bottom line.

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