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11-02-2012, 11:24 PM
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Originally Posted by The Last Dynasty View Post
wait what? we just lost to a team with nothing to play for and had their 3rd stringer rip us apart in the final minute
oh you mean the 3rd stringer who threw a pick on his first pass only to get a mulligan on a bogus call? Yeah, he was very impressive in gaining about 40 yards in 90 seconds. Big deal.

The point is, once again we gave up a big early lead before getting into the game (something we cant have happen in the playoffs). My point about finding our identity was in reference to letting Nichols finally play a complete game. After the 20-3 lead we for some reason always like to spot teams, we owned the stamps 24-10 and that was only due in part to a last second kick and a fairly lucky td pass.

This may have been our best 3 quarters of football all year. The team moved the ball and the D was frustrating the stamps and shut down cornish. From the 2nd quarter on we played a strong game.

Do you disagree with my assessment??

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