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11-02-2012, 11:49 PM
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Originally Posted by dougieg93 View Post
My inkling is that many of the players had the thought that Bettman would have broken for the Winter Classic, the fact that the League cancelled it will signal to the PA that the league is playing a game of hardball.

The players are playing a game of hardball as well, it was Goodenow's plan [mod: hope you have a link for this] that the players should hold out for 2 years. We all now how that went, but now that Fehr is at the helm, does he think he can repeat the same method of 2004 and expect a different result?

Because he's not Goodenow and the NHL teams may not be as desperate? Maybe some of them have figured out that their system wasn't the panacea they though. Some might even decide to use people who know how to use calculators and not just let some lawyers design economic systems.

Wishful thinking on my part.

I just don't get how so many people just keep repeating this stuff though. Because the NHL made a proposal, the only thing for a PA to do is sign as-is. If they squawk, they're greedy, not the owners who want more profit for themselves. The old CBA doesn't count as a starting point if we're talking concessions and percentage share, but it does count if we're talking about caps and linkage.

My head hurts.

Originally Posted by Dado View Post
I have an idea. Perhaps one of the mods could send out invites to Bettman and Fehr to sign up for HF accounts. Then every time a post with as little content as the one quoted above can be flagged as a personal attack, and mods can deal with the perp as per the usual site policies.

And then, finally, perhaps we could get out from under the tsunami of useless drek that is drowning and killing the BoH forum, and have something resembling substantive discussions.

At this point, I'd pay them out of my own funds to join. It's like Chinese Water Torture in here.....

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