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Originally Posted by Drydenwasthebest View Post
Actually it depends upon the owner. For example, Illitch is making sure none of his employees are being laid off, so far. There have been quite a few owners who have been trying to keep people from being placed on unemployment lines. It was demonstrated in an earlier thread. That doesn't mean all of the owners are doing it, but at least some are. I also know that McGuire was talking about how well Lamoriello takes good care of his employees a couple of weeks ago.

Some of the owners are ensuring the common folks are being supported. What are the players doing? How many of them are getting paid to play in other leagues and using that money to help other players survive or send any of that money to hot dog sellers who truly need that money to survive? Ovechkin is still getting paid millions (over 5, I believe) to go pay in the KHL. I don't hear anything about him helping anyone in financial need.

The owners are trying to ensure that they get half of the money made by the league because it will ensure that not only will owners have a chance to make a profit, but that there will still be 30 teams in the league and keep jobs at all levels alive. The players only want to line their pockets.

If Cole wants to retire, I will miss him, but will move on as soon as we start playing. He had a great season for us, but I will live my life just as well when he retires as i do now. It is a hollow threat that will harm him far more than it will anyone else. Just like Ovechkin and others threatening to stay in the KHL. If they want to stay there, good riddance and goodbye. I would be far more significantly upset if the Habs ever lost so much money that they moved to another city than I would be if every player on the Habs quit today.
The players did not strike, the owners locked them out. Further, the players stated that they would play under the old CBA during negotiations. Morally, the players are not responsible for secondary job losses. IN PR terms of course, it would be wise for the palyers to start a fund for team staff, but they did not initiate this stoppage.

As for being happy to see Ovy stay in Russia. I want to see Ovy play hockey, in the NHL, live if possible, and the game would be lesser for his loss. We have lost enough. Do you suggest we should lose the pleasure of seeing the best players in the world because of our principles? Then we lose twice over. Not a wise choice.

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