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11-03-2012, 12:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Wild48 View Post
So i had an interesting drive back to work over my lunch break...

Car in front of me, only other car on the road going the same way as me.

out of nowhere car makes a hard left into the ditch (pretty much 90 degrees). I pull over to see if everyone is ok... she gets out crying really hard and screaming at the (i assume) boyfriend in the passenger seat. I try to calm her down... she's trying to get me to help her get the car out of the ditch. It's hung up... no way it's going anywhere without getting pulled out.

She tries to he-man the car out of the ditch pushing on it while no one is trying to move it. Couple other people arrive, someone decides to call the police, get a tow truck...

she freaks out, tries to stop us, tells us she doesn't have a license. Woman who is calling 911 is like, "well now i am for sure calling 911." The girl who crashed the car bolts off into the woods in a summer dress and ugg boots.

the four of us that are stopped just look at eachother in amazement...

really strange set of events....
One (probably) drunk woman in the wilderness, by herself, for seven days. Can she survive?

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