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11-03-2012, 12:53 AM
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Originally Posted by mind_the_gap View Post
I bet you on Monday we'll see the road to the end on was a breakthrough...with secret meetings..etc and the fact they're close to begin with, it's only a matter of days before this baby is put to bed.
I am getting far too jaded. As much as I would love to agree, I have trouble not tuning-out the posturing from both sides and taking anything as a sign of good faith by either.

Even worse, as much as I detest the personalization of the attacks, I just can't bring myself to take anything the owners say seriously. I just happen to like the players, and think they're fighting the good fight against the bullying owners.

I guess that's why I was always the kid who got beat-up by the bigger kids two grades ahead of us when they picked on my friends in the playground. I just can't stand the might-is-right argument.

And, you can correctly point out how silly it is to take the part of multi-millionaire players in their purely economic tussle with billionaire owners, but I probably won't be listening. The overall volume is too high, there's too much noise in the joint, and that's just how I feel. Logic be darned.

I'd bet that's pretty much how a lot of other people on both sides of the fence feel too; whether they can't stand the owners, or can't stand the players, or can't stand either the owners or the players. Forget about semantics: too many people like me are just dug-in on one side or the other.

I too will be glad when this is over.

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