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11-03-2012, 01:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Lobotomizer View Post
It's just about about a little wiggle here and a little wiggle there.

Are you guys reading this from a script?

This is your post - are you implying that the NHL has not given the NHLPA what they have been looking for, which is the covering of contracts out of the owners percentage of the HRR?

Again, a little wiggle here and there is how negotiations are resolved. There is no fish involved.

I asked if you had information that contradicted the quotes from the NHL since you immediately posted a negative retort. If the statements are incorrect, let us know. I want to hear if the NHLPA has stated they believe that the NHL statements were nothing more than rhetoric from a "script".
No, my comments had nothing to do with anything you posted here. What it had to do with was the implication that there was only one more issue outstanding. Not only do we not know what the NHL proposed, we still didn't know the core issues to the two sides on the other points.

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