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11-03-2012, 01:37 AM
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Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
I'm just speculating here, but it appears to be driven by two factors:

2) The players have projected a lack of urgency to get to the table thus far. IMO, Fehr came into this fight expecting to force a lockout and pressure the league not to lose another entire season, and his lack of urgency has been calculated toward getting the owners to break in December. By canceling the WC, the owners have removed one of the biggest leverage points that made a December timeframe realistic. At this point the players are going to have to seriously consider whether they are willing to forego their entire paycheck this season to fight for 12% over 7 years. That math doesn't make sense. And what do you know... here's the NHL with a new offer on the table. There seems to be a bit of brinkmanship behind the events of the past few days, with Fehr really not in a favorable position to justify a long holdout to the rank and file players.

It should be interesting to see where things stand on Monday. Much as the owners have been rumored to have fractures, I have to think the players are going to start splintering now that a lost season has become much more of a reality.

I'm not sure I agree that the WC was seen as only important to the owners in the sense of leverage. It's a huge event that means more money for everyone, the current crown jewel of the NHL's marketing program. It indeed hurts them to have to tell NBC and their sponsors, never mind the fans and STHs, other attendees (VIPs), that it's off. The importance of the even as a money machine isn't lost on the PA either, imo.

It hurts both sides.

That said, the mathematics of it never made sense for the PA. It won't make sense under any scenario where the owners can demand that the players take a lower share than the current share. This is one equation that will always favor the owners in net terms. The question then is, from the PA's side, how do you break that cycle? You either agree to always take whatever is offered because it will ALWAYS be greater than zero, or you draw the line. (Or you leave it to the next generation to draw that line.)

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