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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
That said, the mathematics of it never made sense for the PA. It won't make sense under any scenario where the owners can demand that the players take a lower share than the current share. This is one equation that will always favor the owners in net terms. The question then is, from the PA's side, how do you break that cycle? You either agree to always take whatever is offered because it will ALWAYS be greater than zero, or you draw the line. (Or you leave it to the next generation to draw that line.)
I never really agreed with this argument. If we were talking about the owners wanting the players to drop their share from say 50% to 43% and were dead set on getting it, then yes I'd say they're going to far.

But they want 50/50, like every other league in North America has. I highly, highly doubt the owners will ask for a significant drop(last time it was 24% from a massive 76% of the share, this time it's more of a 10% cut) next time around. Especially if they get the cba they want(as it will fix many, many problems currently in the system.).

We dont even know if there is a cycle to break, when the players have been making a large majority of the profits/revenues anyway.

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