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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
Why do you keep rephrasing my posts?

The Winter Classic was formally cancelled today.

The Make Whole proposal from Dreger also broke today. He implies (with question marks) that it was made three days ago, and qualified by saying that the PA asked fore details.

Try the creative writing exercise on someone else. I'm perfectly capable of articulating my own points.

Regarding the WC being cancelled - it has been in the works since the NHL cancelled the November games. Not three days ago. The NHL brought this up prior to the October 25th date.

Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
We each can speculate as to what may happen. I can say two things with conviction:

1) IF the owners wanted or needed to get another drop, well, this equation will always work. Any number they put up is greater than zero, well... unless they offer 0%.

2) See you in 6 or 7 years to find out?

Yes, truly amazing. The guy having to negotiate the best deal possible for the players collectively isn't tweeting all the points of sensitive negotiations to the e-verse.
Isn't it his job to articulate any negotiation issues to the membership? Are the members not the ones who vote on proposals. Are the membership not included in any discussion regarding new proposals? Is it not the membership who should be sensitive to any proposals submitted by the NHL? Based on your statement, Fehr is functioning exactly as you believe Bettman is doing.

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