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11-03-2012, 01:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Lobotomizer View Post

Regarding the WC being cancelled - it has been in the works since the NHL cancelled the November games. Not three days ago. The NHL brought this up prior to the October 25th date.

I know it's been speculated on and yes, I'm sure most people figured that's where it was headed. That doesn't change facts though--- it was formally cancelled today.

Was there a point somewhere?

Originally Posted by Lobotomizer View Post
Isn't it his job to articulate any negotiation issues to the membership? Are the members not the ones who vote on proposals. Are the membership not included in any discussion regarding new proposals? Is it not the membership who should be sensitive to any proposals submitted by the NHL? Based on your statement, Fehr is functioning exactly as you believe Bettman is doing.

The NHLPA has a negotiating committee. The NHL has a negotiating committee.

Any CBA has to be approved by the NHLPA; and by the BoG.

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