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11-03-2012, 02:09 AM
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Originally Posted by WILDhockeyfan View Post
I'm sure that my comment will not stir the pot or get any negative feedback from the mods. Had I wanted to stir the pot I would've given in to my anger and said something like "way to stay classy ******" or simply a "**** you too". I am completely within my right to say what I did to an [obviously] immature Oil fan.

Edit: It already got deleted along with the original comment and any other posts responding to it. Kinda hard to believe that some people can actually be that pig headed though.
You were golden, no worries there, nothing but class shown from you over there IMO. That post and all the subsequent replies were deleted though.

Who are some of the tougher guys on your club? Macintyre or Mcmillan took a run at RNH in their first meeting so I'd assume that that player is at least a pest type if not a tough guy trying to make a name for himself. Bagnall is another big boy on your club looking at the roster. Obviously Bulmer likes to stir the pot as well.

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