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Originally Posted by Trap Jesus View Post
Miles Austin at Atlanta or Larry Fitzgerald at Green Bay.
The Cardinals have looked absolutely terrible lately. I'd go with Austin.

Originally Posted by TML g u n n e R s View Post
choose 2

fred jackson, chris johnson, COBB
I see Cobb having a big game, so I'd go him and CJ.

heath miller or daniels
Both have been better than I expected, but I'd go Daniels.

Originally Posted by tv14 View Post
Bennet (vs PIT)
Cook (vs CHI)
Chandler (vs HOU)
Gresham (vs DEN)
Olsen (vs WSH)

Think I should pick up Olsen? Seems to have the best matchup.
I'm probably biased cause I've owned Olsen all year and watched him do nothing. I'd actually go Gresham.

Originally Posted by Leafs at Knight View Post
Have another one I need help with :
Desean Jackson vs. NO
Marques Colston vs. PHI
Lance Moore vs. PHI

Pick 2 . First year doing fantasy football, so asking for a lot of help.
That's really tough. All are great starts this week. Colston for sure. I have a feeling Moore's numbers will improve with the loss of Sproles, but I think you gotta go DJax here.

Originally Posted by TheMurdocktor View Post
For the flex...Stephens-Howling vs. GB or Randall Cobb vs. ARZ?
Cobb without question.

Originally Posted by DEVILS ALL THE WAY View Post
I'm thinking of benching Stevie Johnson in favour of Brandon LaFell. Johnson is facing a very solid Texans defense while LaFell is up against one of the worst pass defenses in football (Redskins).

Good move?
I wouldn't. Buffalo will be down, and thus passing a lot. LaFell has too many games where he does nothing.

Originally Posted by TLinden16 View Post
WR:WR3...Pick 1:

Brian Hartline @ IND
Denarius Moore vs TB
Titus Young @ JAC
Young and Moore is close to me, with Hartline a very distant third. Moore's just been too good to bench IMO.

Originally Posted by Piques View Post
Pick 1
Santana Moss vs Carolina
Ryan Broyles vs Jags
Torrey Smith vs Cleveland
I'm a jaded Torrey owner, but he has the most upside here by far, so I'd go with him.

Originally Posted by Layne Staley View Post
Michael Turner vs Dal,Anquan Boldin vs Cle, or Mike Williams vs Oakland in my flex?It's a PPR.Leaning towards Turner.
Yep, I'd go Turner.

Originally Posted by UFancyHuh View Post
Vick vs NO
Ben Roethlisberger vs Giants
Vick has more upside, I'd roll with him.

Originally Posted by TheMurdocktor View Post
Seattle D vs. Minnesota, or Houston D vs. Buffalo
I'd definitely go with Houston.

Originally Posted by CaptainCally24 View Post
James Jones
Denarious Moore
CJ Spiller
Stevie Johnson

pick 2 for FLEX
Tough call here. I see Buffalo getting smoked, and not being able to run much, so it comes down to the receivers for me. Stevie's been real steady this year, but unspectacular. I'd lean Jones and Moore. Moore's been real good, and with Jennings out and Jordy questionable Jones is a great start.

Originally Posted by Everlong View Post
Vincent Jackson @OAK


Fitz @GB
I'd definitely go VJax.

Originally Posted by Scotianhab View Post
Spiller vs Hou
A. Brown vs NYG
Could be a tough matchup for Spiller, but he gets a lot more opportunities than Brown so I'd go with him.

Originally Posted by DallasSports View Post
Positions to fill (2):

QB -

-Andrew Luck (vs MIA)
-Matt Schaub (vs BUF)
-Doug Martin (@ OAK)

Here's an interesting one. While QBs tend to score higher than any other position, Martin appears to be getting more touches in the offense. My gut reaction is to roll with both QBs, but I'm a bit worried the Texans can/will just run the ball all day which would leave Schaub with another 8 or so point game. I figure Luck in this situation is almost a lock since he's played very well at home this year.

It's pretty much standard non-PPR scoring. If anyone is curious about the two RB spots, they're being filled by Rice and Peterson.
I'm completely with you on your thinking, but I just feel like a QB is a safer play here, so I'd probably go Luck and Schaub. I'd actually consider starting Martin over Peterson this week though.

Originally Posted by TLinden16 View Post
Denarius Moore or Titus Young for my WR3?
Solid options this week but I'd go Moore. He's clearly the number one there.

Lynch vs Min
LeCoy @ NO
Morris vs CAR
I'd don't love the matchup with Minnesota so I'd go McCoy and Morris. Saints and Panthers give up a ton of points to RBs.

Originally Posted by Kronwalled55 View Post
Felix Jones vs. ATL or Daniel Thomas vs. IND
Tough call here cause Felix is banged up. Atlanta has a pretty bad run D though so I think you still gotta go with him.

Originally Posted by dubs View Post
Guys, please pick one each you would go with. Thanks

TE: Martellus Bennett or Greg Olsen

RB: LaRod Stephens Howling or Isaac Redman
Olsen has a good matchup, and Bennett really fell off after his few good weeks, so I'd go Olsen. Definitely Redman in the second one with Dwyer and Mendenhall out.

Originally Posted by Richards to Gaborik View Post
James Jones
Denarius Moore
Pierre Thomas
Wow this is tough. Love all three this week. I'm always a fan of going with RBs over WRs if it's close to me, so I think you gotta get Pierre in there. Jones and Moore have been real good of late, but TB gives up a ton to WRs, and they just traded Talib, so I'd lean Moore here.

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