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Originally Posted by Bert Marshall days View Post
Why would he sell a long time ago at such a low value? The value of the team will be much higher soon after the Brooklyn move. That's the logical time he's most likely to sell and get rid of this headache. He might keep it longer to recoup some of his big losses but not much longer.
I agree completely. His smartest business move is to make a splash after the lockout ends: Turn some of our prospects depth into TWO legit NHL star players (A top line forward, top pair defensemen) on contracts that are about six years long (guys who are 27-28) when we get them.

Ignite the fan base so that every knows we're up and coming, and when we move into Brooklyn spend a little more on second-tier free agents (who might actually sign with us!) and become a LEGIT CONTENDER in the first years in Barclays.

That's when you sell:
-- Revenues would be at an all-time high.
-- Those guys you brought in, and the young core would all be nearing the end of their contracts.
-- The result is a rosy picture for the new owner, but the reality is, rebuilding is right around the corner.

And honestly, as I type that, I know that long term building is better for the franchise… but damn that sounds really nice and I'd be okay with six years of rebuilding from 2019-2015 if we won the 2017 Stanley Cup.

Originally Posted by ScaredStreit View Post
Honestly I blame the people of Nassau the most. Not just for the one vote (that is a big thing). But even if you wanna blame the politicians-who votes them in? The people of Nassau need to look at themselves in the mirror and wake up. The Islanders are moving to Brooklyn. No you wont be able to go to as many games. Get over it-and move on. It wont be that a former season ticket holder who now only sees them twice a year (1 was already cancelled so my best case scenario is 1 time this year), I PROMISE you. It could be worse-a lot worse. You could have to become a fan of another team. I don't know about you-but I was prepared to become a full-time Lightning fan in a few years. The move to Brooklyn is EASILY the best Islanders related news I've ever heard in my life.
I really don't blame the people.

The vote was a big thing, but it was an understandable thing. Do you want your taxes to go up? No. Period. That makes perfect sense to me. Their plan was stupid for a large number of taxpayers. How did it HELP them?

Both sides wanted and needed the other side to fund the arena/project. What's maddening is Wang was willing to do it if he got to develop the land and profit on the project, and the town really wasn't losing much except opportunity cost since they've never done anything with that land in 60 years (I know there's more issues for the town/county. But to me, that's win-win to me. It's easy for me living outside of Nassau and not dealing with the development in my backyard. I admit I only care about the team).

The politicians were put in office by the people. But I still blame them. And only them.
#1 - It's been at least 17 years of this crap. I guarantee you I can google old arena efforts and find Democrats and Republicans, each of whom were in power at various levels in county, town and state; and equal pro/against building that arena. It never mattered who each person was in office. The town always fought it, the state was always interested in helping, and the county was always in the middle: Pro arena, but with limits to their involvement.

#2 - And it was always the same because it's an easy election issue; not because they wanted what was best for the community.
Every arena project funded by municipalities are over budget and generally a bad deal. Cities make them because they have to, not because it's good business/politics.

There's no easier way for a challenger to get people to learn his name than by saying "I want a new home for Our Islanders! A brighter future! A better tomorrow!" Islanders fans will cheer, maybe get him elected but definitely know his name.

And there's no easier way to get votes than by saying "I voted AGAINST a tax increase and an obvious land-grab by a billionaire. THAT GUY wanted to jack up your taxes and give fat cats handouts."

The referendum was buck-passing at its finest. It was wiping their hands so no one had to take a polarizing stand. Their career wouldn't be ruined if they made the arena deal and taxes went up; They wouldn't be to blame if the Islanders left.

Real leadership is finding a solution, not self-preservation.

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