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11-03-2012, 06:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Falconone View Post
Without more details Fehr doesn't need an excuse. I felt and posted for a long time that the core issue was not the % of HRR. Yes it needed to be addressed but Bettman was really after the ability to control player movement and future player costs with the changes the proposed CBA had with restrictions to ELC, Arbitration, contract length, RFA and UFA matters.

Fehr is a very experienced union negotiator. I doubt he missed the potential to seriously restrict players rights and their furture oppotunities.

I think if you look at the CBA negotiation issue from the perspective of protecting players rights and their long term futures in negotiating contracts with the respective NHL clubs everything that has happened makes a little more sense.

Lastly, I also believe that Fehr has made it clear to the NHLPA that no matter what the owners offer now, unless the NHLPA shows a willingness NOT to buckle to the owners on substanative issues around players rights that they will be back giving more up during the next round of negotiations.

He has rightly pointed out that the owners got what they wanted the last time and they are now back at the table attempting to bully the NHLPA into accepting terms that would restrict players rights in the same way that the MLB operated before the Curt Flood decision.

Just MHO

Sure the owners got the cap they wanted last time but dont you agree that ended up playing to the players favor? The average salary in the NHL has almost doubled since the last lockout. Also I dont think any could predict that the revenues and costs would sky rocket like it did.

I dont think they are trying to bully the players. This is business, big business and they want a better deal. This is a negotiation like any other, its just playing out on every sports channel like a soap opera.

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