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11-03-2012, 06:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Falconone View Post

You are right. Fehr will raise the ELC, Arb, free agency issues. Those I believe were the real critical ones around getting a new CBA. If you analyze the proposals made by Bettman around those issues ELC contracts originally lasting 5 years, getting rid of arbitration, free agency after 10 yrs. in the NHL etc. you will see and should conclude that it was intended to take the NHL back to the times when a player was drafted he remained the property of the team that drafted him. He either signed with them or he didn;t play in the NHL. With the most recent average length of of a career being LESS than 10 yrs. the fact is the NHL intended to prevent players, perhaps with the exception of the top players, from ever receiveing a market value for their services.

Just my opinion but I'll be surprised to see a CBA signed that restricts the future player movement rights the way the NHL wanted to.

I agree that the owners offer went too far in restricting payers rights, however. The players cant simply expect to have it all in their favor either. It costs alot of money to develop a player and just when all that work is starting to pay off for the teams cause the player is hitting his prime. He can walk to any team he wants?

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