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11-03-2012, 08:42 AM
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What a weird season.

Start off getting wins with great D and thinking Jyles is a starter. Well, in Reed's mind and some of us fought for him.

D starts to slip and it shows how bad Jyles is on some nights. Enter Joseph who basically looked less than average, pulls off two huge wins and then is god awful again and with the injuries we have/had, we don't even look like we could beat a high school team.

Coaching horrendous for most of the season, demote Crandell who should have been canned last season after his horrific game plan in the West Final. Coaching continues to be horrendous after a two game hiatus and it makes me wonder how a guy like Reed cannot see what alot of fans see.

Enter Matt Nichols whom after seeing him play the first time, I thought was just terrible. No arm to speak off and I'm wondering what the hell? We are grooming this guy? Almost pulls a win out of his arse against Montreal and plays pretty well last night from what I've heard as I didn't see the game. Seems to be a no brainer to start him nexxt week, but then again not alot of brains in the decision making department on this team.

So what it comes down to. We cross over and play the guy most have complained about being traded for nothing. I am starting to think it was a wasted trade but I'm not upset we got rid of RR. Not sure about TO as I only watched them play against us and wasn't overly impressed by RR or TO in general. Not sure if they were trying to tank the game Thursday or not but letting Hamilton score 40 points on you is somewhat disturbing.

I've sort of lost my passion for this team this season and it's really not because of all the losses, the coaching staff seems dysfunctional at the best of times and that might play a big part in it. I have enjoyed JC, Laurent, Howard and Stamps. Hugh Charles made a huge case for himself and these guys seem to have a ton of heart which I love watching. No quit in any of them. I would take a full team of JC's and his absolute desire to play to the final whistle no matter the score on my team any day.

All I know is that if we knock off TO and RR next week, there will be a big smile on my face for this team and Replacement. The guy tried to find positives on this team each week and made me keep reading post after post.

Let's hope this team can show some Eskie Pride and give Replacement one helluva good Sunday, he deserves it.

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