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11-03-2012, 08:45 AM
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Originally Posted by hogtownhabsfan View Post
I really don't buy rust havin anything to do with anything regarding what Gallys doing on the ice at this point, at least not rust due to the whole knee thing anyway. My whole point was that it's sad that some members of our fan base scream "rusty!" when Gally goes pointless. Where was that rust when e dominated a few games ago? He also had a half dozen chances yesterday, just didn't bury them. Not to rehash this argument, but it has come up again.
I don't see why it's sad, but then again I find most of the comments you make about it so far to be very strange as I don't see how anyone can not think that someone that has played in only 8 games last year wouldn't have his timing off as to me that's something that you have to continue to do night in and night out to keep it. Sitting for so long and missing so much time has to have some impact on him and there's no way for anyone to know what impact his knee is having on him now.

Putting up points one night and not the other doesn't have anything with him to do with being rusty or not. He's going to put up points most nights and other nights he's not going to get any, just like normal conditions, as he's going to have good games, bad games, great games, etc... since it's a long season. My point is that to start the season, everyone should have expected that he was going to need some time to adjust and get back in the flow of things, plus see how the knee fairs once he tests it over and over.

Now that we a month into the season the focus is more on just watching him play and he's going to have up and down games, no need for any excues as that's just the way it goes for everyone. Rust or not he's an outstanding prospect and we are lucky to have him in the system, it's going to be a ton of fun watching this kid over the years.

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