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11-03-2012, 08:46 AM
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if the commissioner of the league had any sense, he would have placed a franchise in hamilton years ago and another one somewhere in the GTA more recently. but he let his ego get in the way of good business. let's not turn this into an either/or fight. the area can easily support both teams, and make both of them top eight in revenues. to argue otherwise is just silly.

the original question here should have been which city gets a team first. and that is clear ... hamilton. it already has an arena (upgradable within mere months), owners in waiting, a committed and capable fanbase, and now a professional arena manager. it's a no brainer. markham simply wont be viable for years.

the idea of placing a team in london or kw, camb, guelph is utterly ridiculous. almost as ridiculous as putting a team in phoenix.

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