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11-03-2012, 08:54 AM
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The players gained free agency at 7 or 27 and arbitration after 4 years in exchange for the 24% rollback and accepting the cap. The players should keep those gains. The players also proposed getting rid of walk away rights. They have to make some gains for the concessions they are making. Give it to them. If a team isn't sure they want to pay a player X amount,don't give him the QO which allows him to file for arbitration. Make that player a free agent. The players have to give contract term limits. Not the 5 years proposed by the NHL. 7 or 8 years. The NBA has had contract term limits since 2 or 3 CBAs ago. Get rid of the dummy contracts. The NHL had proposed a 5 year ELC in July. 2 years guaranteed and 3 team options. Now its 2 years. The NHL feels a player won't have the numbers in just 2 seasons to get a big contract. The NHL proposed arbitration starting at 5 years instead of the current 4 so the player has no leverage in years 3-4-5. They also added a clause about a player needing to play X amount of games to have the ELC year count. No more of the player playing 1 game or getting put on the active roster and having that count as a season off the ELC. The players will still get major contracts at 7 or 8 years. The NFL contracts are not guaranteed. MLB contracts aren't 10 plus year deals. Fehr and his brother know that. Jeter got a 10 year deal a long time ago. AROD got a 10 year deal. Pitchers don't get long term deals. 7 years in usually the max. The NBA contracts are capped at 5 years for your players and 4 years for free agents. Don't be babies about contract term limits. There is a deal to be made.
I have no dog in the hunt but ... here is a thought about the "major concession" by the NHL.

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