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Originally Posted by Ogrezilla View Post
1. Even if he looks to pass, he's not good at it.
2. I don't really agree that he does that.
3. Putting him into a shooting position is silly because he would be the worst shooter on the powerplay.
4. Putting him in a passing position is silly because he would be far and away the worst passer on the powerplay.
5. Putting him in a position where he can choose to do either is silly because he might be the worst decision maker on the team.

I like TK for his 3rd line position. I seriously do. I don't love him, but he is solid there. His skill set simply does not lend to playing on the top powerplay. Put him over there as the shooter on the second powerplay unit. Tell him his job is simply to get pucks on net. He can do that. But when the other options on his line are 4 all stars or Kunitz, I really don't see a spot for him. Give me Neal or Kunitz out there over him 100% of the time; handedness be damned.

Total BS

"Kennedy is not a good passer"

This is same head in the sand attitude that affects all the "watch the game" guys. I see nothing but opinions here supported by not a single piece of data. If you actually started to bring data and results to the table, you'd find your opinion has more mileage.

For example:
Clicking on the link above shows TK ranked #8 overall last year in first assists / 60min. This isn't among the Pens, but the entire league of forwards.

Pretty hard to believe that a top 10 assist guy could be a "terrible" passer on any account. These aren't the give-me bonus 2nd assists either. He was top 10 in 1st assists/min of icetime. He is making the last pass before a goal is scored on a top 10 (NHL) level. Do you see how actually confirming your opinion with data makes that opinion turn more towards fact than just uniformed opinion? My opinion of TK is that he is generally an above average passer and that a lot of his passes also go off the goaltender to rebound shot opportunities (which are very high % shots). Granted, last year was his best year to date, but he is nearing his peak. He has generally been around top 50 in 1st assists in the NHL prior to last year.

While you are browsing the list, take a glance at all the company that TK keeps in play-making. Once again, I question what you guys are "watching" when TK hits the ice? It is quite a bit different from what I see. I would expect to see a "terrible passer" outside the top 150 on this list (ie below average), not inside the top 10.

I see TK as a great possession play-maker type that is let down sometimes by shot selection. I would love to see what he can do setting up Crosby's/Dupers shot on a consistent basis. He has the speed, agility, work ethic, and stick handling to play with them. He will have to slightly change his game to play with superior talent, but I am pretty confident he can do that.

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