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Originally Posted by AJGass4 View Post
All I know is that if we knock off TO and RR next week, there will be a big smile on my face for this team and Replacement. The guy tried to find positives on this team each week and made me keep reading post after post.

Let's hope this team can show some Eskie Pride and give Replacement one helluva good Sunday, he deserves it.
Thanks for the kind words there. As per usual, and no prompting was needed (just some sleep) heres my rundown.

Firstly, did this feel like a Win or Loss? I ask that seriously because after watching that game I felt we were the better team. (Sure Calgary didn't have Lewis, or Cornish in the second half but we were doing a good job on Cornish anyway and the receiver replacing Lewis was arguably more effective)

Anyway, I got the feeling from watching last night that the club accomplished what it wanted to for at least 3/4 quarters. Also that the team wasn't always going by script or strictly for the win but seeing what it could do in different situations. For instance a team thinking win first isn't gambling from FG position on 3rd and 11 when they are down 3 pts later in the game. The same team doesn't high five and celebrate near the end of the game when they've just allowed game winning FG position and a first down on a CFL record tackle.

The reader can be assured that in the Eskimos dressing room the players realize they're as ready as its going to get. That this team is better than the score indicated and that they largely dictated out there.

What we established is a run and got 3 RB's some reps and back in the game which gives us a lot of options. Also gives opponents a hell of a time to scout. Lets be clear here as well. Anybody can throw the "whats wrong with Boyd" right out the window. Frankly I wouldn't be surprised if Boyd starts next week and see's the ball at least 10 times and rams it like he did last night. What an effort. Messam started getting into it as well after several reps. McCarty had some feeling good after bouncing off tackles in search of a first down marker. People should pause and reflect how many plays the guys made out there. Stamps is on fire and has been unstoppable in the last half dozen contests at least. Any team facing him is engaging in damage control, i.e. how do you even limit him.

Finally, of course, we've established Nichols. Half baked, sure, but its why we have the type combination of veteran backup and youth that this team has modeled before. Nichols gives us much different options and gives the D trying to scout him fits. Specifically downtown fits. Heres the thing, you can't load up blitz on Nichols and presume that you will get the sack while leaving one on one downfield. Stamps will eat that **** for breakfast and Nichols will often buy time to get it there. Koch has also been a reasonable longball threat most of the season. What I like is we're spreading it out and have established a short game and long game and can deliver either on any given play.

This is the thing right now with Toronto. Busy scouring limited game films on Nichols(not knowing much about what he brings), wondering which Boyd or any will be playing next week, wondering what schemes we will use after unwrapping several over the last 5 games. (I wonder how many notice all the outside, off tackle, stunts, different looks, motion, etc, that we're running lately. As a hint nearly every Boyd run last night was doing something we haven't done much of this year.) Which reminds me that the teams that saves some schemes for the right time is often better off than clubs that have showed everything trying to get there and peaked at the wrong time (Saskatchewan).

This Eskimos team is a club that is much better than record has indicated that has played it cool. Played their cards close to vest. I never discount this type of team, I wouldn't want to be facing them.

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