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11-03-2012, 10:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Soundwave View Post
The city was the one getting a pretty sweet deal too. With Katz kicking in $100 mill + getting a ticket tax incurred on his ticket prices (basically money out of his pocket), the city was going to get a state of the art, landmark facility for their crap downtown.

So for $250 mill on their end, they were getting a brand new, world class arena complex that would no doubt be the crown jewel of their downtown.

That's the same price they'd have to spend to renovate the current Rexall in the middle of nowhere.

The city can't build a $400+ million arena on their own, certainly not without being able to slap a fat ticket tax on Oiler fans on top of it.
Basically NOT money out of this pocket. This is simply higher ticket price in a market that often has no apparent upper limit in what it will pay, or in perceived disposable income.

For you, or anybody in the Katz camp to suggest that the ticket tax is coming out of Katz's pocket please explain how this is the case when gate revenue, and average ticket prices(before surcharge) will be much higher in the new arena (and I guarantee you they would be).

I think to argue that this is Katz' contribution one has to point out how this is actually the case. It isn't.

Its the peoples money. Clearly.

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