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11-03-2012, 09:54 AM
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Originally Posted by tantalum View Post
Depends. The NHL may just be calling a PA bluff. All along the NHL had made tweaks to proposals to signal a willingness to address the PA talking point of the day. The latest one was "make whole". In the end the NHL I think really only truly cares about a couple of things. The major thing is a fully linked system at a 50:50ish split early in the new CBA. The next thing is closing up of the front loaded contracts loophole (and tacked on imaginary years).

If the PA remains steadfast in its refusal for a true full linked system I don't see much happening.
That's the thing, Fehr never even tried to negotiate off the leagues last offer to get better numbers for the players.He doessn't want a "fair" deal he wants a "Fehr" deal or no deal. I still think they are further apart then most think.

The question is do the players really want a delinked proposal or just Fehr?

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