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11-03-2012, 10:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Greschner4 View Post
Though it's not clear how much of the "make whole" the owners are willing to pay, the big picture is that, regardless of his bluster about how this is the owners' "best offer," Bettman continues to offer concessions and negotiate against himself. Fehr has him on the run.

Fehr has no incentive to make a deal if Bettman continues to bluff and offer concessions. His incentive is to see how many concessions he can get.

Bettman needs to come forward with a proposal that gives the players something and that the players can work with. His strategy of lockout, cancel, pressure, bluster clearly isn't working and he needs to throw it overboard. The players are not going to accept pure linkage at around 50%.
The leagues stategy seems to be to negotiate and try to get a deal done. Fehr on the otherhand hasn't done a whole lot besides stall and resubmit his proposal he knows the league won't except. If the players "just wanna play" they should show it. They really havn't acknowledged the leagues offer.

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