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11-03-2012, 10:33 AM
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Originally Posted by rt View Post
Which is why I think it is hilarious that the majority of fans on this board firmly believe that AT LEAST two American teams should be immediately relocated to Canada. Can nobody remember ten years ago? Then again, there was a poll conducted several years ago, and I believe the overwhelming majority of posters on this forum are between sixteen and twenty one years old. I guess it sort of makes sense that they can't remember a time when the Nordiques relocated to Colorado, the Jets to Phoenix, and both Alberta teams were a smurfs **** hair away from going to Houston and Portland. Ottawa had huge problems, too. If the American economy hadn't tanked, this league might have three Canadian teams.

Can anyone tell me how the Canadian dollar will stack up to the USD in ten more years? Haha.
your history is bang on and I like to bring that up as well to some of my overzealous countrymen.

here's the thing with Canada right now. we are a resource heavy country and the price of resources and commodities like grain are moving upward as world demand goes up with population growth and the industrialization of third world countries. Canada is actually sitting pretty. Their biggest concern at this point is the US Dollar (and US exports) and whether or not their Asian markets can support the exports that would be required if US demand drops significantly with the depreciation of the US dollar.

Quebec and their love affair of threatening succession is not such a glowing market. They too have resources but their provincial debt is a problem and if they push for independence the rest of Canada could very well go tell them to go blank themselves. If that happens and they actually have to pay their own way their dollar could be equivalent to that of a third world country.

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