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Originally Posted by Pesky Hemsky View Post
You think that's bad, in 1981, Ottawa qualified for the Eastern playoffs at 5-11 and Montreal also did at 3-13!

All five Western teams had a better record. Ottawa caught fire in the playoffs and jumped out to a 20-1 lead against Edmonton in the Grey Cup before the Esks won their 4th in a row on a last second FG. Yes, only in the CFL.
Good call. I remember that 1981 Grey Cup with that Ottawa team...well, at least the 2nd (good) half. I was just teenager and woke up at half time extremely hungover and couldn't believe the score.
Luckily I witnessed a very good 2nd half of football and watched the Esks rally and win the game 26-23. I believe George Brancato was the Riders coach and IIRC he used to wait until the NFL cuts were available at which point he would stock up. It was a strategy that worked well for Brancato and the Rough Riders during those years as they won a Grey Cup as well.
Only in the CFL.

Again only in the CFL can you have 9 teams and and manage to still have 2 teams with the same name.

More recently only in the CFL can 6 teams out of 8 (75% of the League) make the playoffs.

While I joke that this 'only happens in the CFL' in a way it almost has a charm about it...sort of like a hokey, cheesy episode of the original Star Trek series. The poor special effects and wooden acting are accepted as part of the package and it entertains.

With the CFL you watch the poor refereeing, the ridiculous playoff format and everything else that makes the CFL unique (and obviously inferior) and you accept it and allow yourself to be entertained.
Despite all its obvious flaws and quirks I love this League and despite my *****ing and moaning about the crappy reffing and the ridiculousness of the league itself, coupled with the circus side show we currently have for an Eskimo team, I will always be a fan.

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