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11-03-2012, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by The Dingo View Post
You can think what you want. But it's not the case

The old CBA is in place until a new one is agreed to. Go read some labor law. You too Ron C.

If there was no CBA in pace, the players wouldn't have gotten their escrow checks
Don't think I will go read labor law, not interested. But I do know contract law.

That agreement is expired. Your example of escrow is just that...escrow. It is a remedy in place for the duration of the previous CBA. The checks that the players received have nothing to do with Sep 15th 2012 until now.

At any rate, we can agree to disagree. The fact the players negotiated 57% last time does not mean that they have it now. That percentage only serves to form as a historical starting point. In other words, if there business shuts down completely, they have what they have now - which is nothing. We are probably just arguing semantics anyway...I am sure we both understand where each other is coming from, cheers

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