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11-03-2012, 12:18 PM
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Originally Posted by whooers View Post
Jesus... it was a good hard hit, when did hockey fans become such pansies. Unbelievable this watered down non-contact league everybody wants to watch nowadays
I feel the same way. Hall would have thrown himself into the 5th row? Has anyone seen Hall skate? He wasn't even at half speed when he delivered that hit. He is a thick kid and if you're not protecting yourself when he hits you, you're probably going to get hurt. That's what happened here. Brodin reached for the puck and got the full impact. Hall is one of the best skaters in the game. If he was going full speed like some people are trying to say he was...he might have ended Brodin's career.

Does this stride look even REMOTELY close to what we saw last night when he delivered the hit?

The answer is no. Quit being over dramatic so you have someone to blame. It's a terrible thing that Brodin got hurt but that was a hockey play. It was 100% legal...and I don't even put blame on Brodin. It was just something that can happen and it did.

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