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11-03-2012, 01:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
Meh...GTA has lost it's appeal for me altogether, Bioshock has never held my interest and the reports are that it's gotten worse since 1, and I don't like the Hitman series....sorry not my cup of tea
That's ok, that is why they make a variety of games lmao!

I have been bored with the 'NHL' series for 3 years, haven't bothered. Assassin's creed is just bleh for me.

Watch Dogs looks amazing. It will come out on PS3 and 360 but rumor has it it will be one of the premiere titles for the 720 as well.

Bioshock is out there, but people who like the gameplay absolutely love the game. Anyone who says 2 isn't as good as one have not played the game. A great story and graphics/ sound/ interaction that actually immerse you in the game and make you scared to play it in the dark.

Bioshock and GTA series consistently get between a high 9 and a 10 on IGN's games ratings, and are known as a couple of the all time greatest game franchises, so I know I'm not alone. Honestly, as great as GTA4 did I thought it was too dark and didn't really stay true to what the franchise is. I am hoping a move back to Los Santos will bring back some of the fun. If not, there is always another Saints Row coming along

Again though, to each his own. Modern Warfare is one of the all time most popular and most played games but I couldn't be bothered with it any more.

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