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11-03-2012, 01:47 PM
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A multitude of reasons.

2004 was a bad draft year for North America. We thought 2012 was a bad year for North American Forward prospects (It was dire). Ovechkin only had one serious competitor ; Malkin.

In 2004, the Russian factor did not exist. We haven't really had a Russian talent like Ovechkin/Malkin, who was based in Russia during his draft year, since 2004, but it is safe to if the 2004 draft happened today, with those available as 18 yr olds, more concerns about Ovechkin/Malkin would exist than they did in 2004.

Of course, not only the Russian factor exists ; the draft is less European orientated than it used to be. In general, it seems that it is harder for European prospects in Europe to be ranked really really high, for a variety of reasons.

Of course, ability wise, Barkov is different to Ovechkin. Ovechkin was a dynamic talent who at the time, had practically no major flaws/concerns. Barkov is an exceptional talent, but i think more concerns about him exist than they do with Ovechkin. Skating concerns, dynamism concerns and i even read about consistency concerns relative to offensive domination from a respected member on here (A professional, supposedly).

So, the NHL landscape has IMO changed. It has a stronger North American bias than it used to (Whether that is entirely warranted is a different matter). Ovechkin had less concerns/flaws in a weaker draft.

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