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Originally Posted by gunners14henry View Post
Seriously? Do you watch all other leagues with blindfolds on? There's diving in EVERY league and is done be players of ALL nationalities. To call out one league as boring because there's diving is absurd.

When did players like ronaldo, rooney, Ashley Young etc all get their Italian passports?

If you're going to call out one league for diving, don't be biased, call out the others
This is one of the great misconceptions of football, that Italians invited or perfected diving. Look more at the South American influence in European soccer.

As for scandals, sports betting and organized crimes have infiltrated all countries. Italy just does not do a good job of keeping it under wraps. To believe this only goes on in Italy is naive at best.

Also, even if Italian Seria A is not as good a league as it was once, Italian soccer is still alive and well. They have always had a great mixture of skill and tactics. That's one of the reasons they are always pertinent is WC's or Euro. Tactically, they are still amongst the best - see how many top level coaches they export. Having an Italian coach with the Impact would be amazing.

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