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11-03-2012, 01:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
Gee, who does Darren back?

I'm under the impression that a meeting is taking place today, confidentially. Most people would interpret that as having something substantive to discuss.
Yeah, but the problem is that the Players and the Owners absolutely HATE each other more and more everyday! So much so right now they are starting to see each new offer from the other as a ''smokescreen'', a ''ruse, an ''insult'' instead of negociating in good faith.

Basically, I think that because of that growing hatred and all the money and games that have already been lost for both sides, we're fast approaching a point where each side will be in a mindset where, instead of negociating in good faith to get a good deal, they'll ONLY accept total victory and the unconditional surrender from the other side. Something ridiculous in a labour conflict about a few percents of revenues!

In other terms, they'll think of the other side as the ''enemy'' to ''defeat''. And will see every move the other side does in a bad light.

If it goes that far, it will only end in a looooooong time, when one side ''caves in'' completely, and with two losing sides (only with one that loses slightly less), instead of two equally winning sides.

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