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Originally Posted by Oan View Post
The following may be a bit offtopic, but just asking it out here anyway:

How come Ovechkin got to be drafted #1 anyway in 2004? (I wasn't following hockey back then that intensively) Looking at his numbers, they seem quite underwhelming, in his draft year with Dynamo he had 24 points in 53 games. Did his U20 performance then have that drastic effect, 7 points in 6 games there?

Reason I'm bringing this up here, is I'm just wondering how he could have beaten back then the top Canadian prospects, but now it would seem that Barkov would have like 1% chance of beating MacKinnon/Jones. Of course Barkov and Ovechkin are completely different kind of players, but I would assume they both are/were at the age 17 the most NHL-ready players available. Did everyone in 2004 just magically know that Ovechkin was going to become what he became?
It's not always about numbers, especially when prospects are playing in a professional league. I don't think his numbers were bad, although they might seem underwhelming considering his immediate success in the NHL after the lockout. His toolset and style of play (grit, speed & size) suited the NHL perfectly, propably better than KHL/RSL.

Although Malkin may be better right now, I think Ovechkin would be the #1 pick of that draft over and over again.

Barkov has impressive numbers and generally very intelligent game in all aspects. Not saying he's like Ovechkin (very different style) but the main difference between him & ovie going #1 overall is propably the somewhat weak competition back in 2004, although guys like Cam Barker were considered great prospects at that time. There was Malkin but no canadian prospects comparable to mackinnon.

edit. also as the above poster stated, Barkov still has some flaws to his game, mainly needs to work on his skating. Ovechkin basically was a more complete player.

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