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Originally Posted by Hooked on Ponics View Post
Interesting. It must have been the part about honoring all current contracts that hit the spot for Fehr. Which kind of ticks me off because I'm not looking foward to some of our players' contracts throughout the years. Still, I see this being the only leverage for the NHLPA because I don't think the owners will offer much more.
I have a gut feeling that the league and the PA agreed that there would be no rollback. Which personally I do agree with, as the contracts were all signed under a cap system with budgetary restraints in mind. Not some of the ridiculousness of the old CBA with 100 million dollar Ranger payrolls and Holik making 10 mil a year. It's never been about their salaries under the cap to me but about their split of the revenue and revenue sharing as a whole.

If the NHL agreed to honor current salaries while the PA agreed to keep the cap flat or with minimal growth until cap/revenue parity was in place, then that's what I care about. It's just common sense. We're getting hosed on the prices either way it goes, with fans covering the majority of the leagues income either way. I just want a more equitable system that ensures we don't have another ****ing lockout in 6 years (or however long the CBA term is). Oh, and Fehr's head on a pike if he this goes on yet another month.

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