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Originally Posted by bsl View Post
The players did not strike, the owners locked them out.

Agreed. I never stated otherwise.

Further, the players stated that they would play under the old CBA during negotiations.

Of course they would continue to play, and receive 57% of the revenue, under the old CBA because they would be getting exactly what they want AND would then be able to hold the playoffs hostage if a deal wasn't reached by the end of the season. You don't get it. The players want to keep a higher percentage than 50% so they have every reason to want to keep playing under the old CBA that was giving them 57%. Heck, the players aren't getting a penny and are refusing to budge, what incentive do you imagine would exist to get them to move if they were still receiving their pay???

Morally, the players are not responsible for secondary job losses. IN PR terms of course, it would be wise for the palyers to start a fund for team staff, but they did not initiate this stoppage.

Both sides are at fault for the work stoppage. The owners, at least, are doing what they can to soften the blow to their non-hockey playing employees. The players? They are going oversees to stuff their pockets while the lock out is on.

As for being happy to see Ovy stay in Russia. I want to see Ovy play hockey, in the NHL, live if possible, and the game would be lesser for his loss. We have lost enough. Do you suggest we should lose the pleasure of seeing the best players in the world because of our principles? Then we lose twice over. Not a wise choice.
I want to see the Bruins, the Leafs, and the Flyers (as well as other teams). I don't care about seeing specific players who are not on my team. I have no rivalry with Ovechkin and neither hate nor love the guy. I hate the Bruins as passionately as I love the Habs. I want to see the Bruins. If we lost Ovechkin it would simply be another player gone like happens all the time. The NHL survived the loss of Gretzky, Lemieux, Messier, Lidstrom, will easily survive the loss of Ovechkin as he will get replaced with the next big super star. Also, unless Ovechkin really gets his act together, his 65 points last season doesn't really qualify him to be considered one of the absolute best anymore, either. I know, it is probably one bad season, but if it isn't, the Caps are actually better off without him. 10 million for a guy not even in the top 30 in total points would be brutal if that became his new norm.

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