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Originally Posted by topchowda View Post
I think hitting has no place in hockey, its much better when guys run around with their head down doing fancy plays. I think playing on skates injures people too because they go to fast. It would be better to make them play in shoes and on a wooden floor. Also, playing with a small puck contributes to players being confused of where it is. The puck should be changed to a large ball shape device so players can surely see. It order to compensate for the larger ball goalie should be removed from the net.

Next, equipment has contributed to players getting hurt, so players should only play in shorts and a jersey. In order to avoid accidents behind the net, the net or "basket" should be evaluted 9 feet off the ground and players can shoot the "basket" ball into the net. Since its hard to shoot with a stick players can use their hands and there will be a varying degree of points for each shot made at different areas of the "court"
I understand what you're saying and I agree to an extent.

Quick question though, how will you feel about your position when a player gets seriously injured(I'm talking life threatening) even though a play was just a hockey play?

Obviously hockey is meant to be played with physicality, but players are bigger and stronger, and are not impervious. If someone is crippled or killed because a player makes a strong 'hockey play' you still okay with that? You can play physical without trying to kill the other team.

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