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Originally Posted by montreal View Post
I'm not sure if I'd be interested in Gaarder or not, but I'll keep an eye on him the rest of the year as i've mainly focused on Kristo and MacMillan. Carter Rowney would be the guy i'd look at for sure as I heard NHL teams were interested to sign him after last season so it will be interesting to see where he ends up signing.

Other forward NCAA FA's I'd keep an eye on, Drew Leblanc (St Cloud St) wanted the Habs to draft him as a 7th rounder in '07 over Kishel. At Michigan while he's on the small side and hasn't every really put up the points, I like Lindsay Sparks as a possible ECHLer for us next season. Another teammate FA i'd look at is Pat Mullane from BC, hopefully when the brass takes a look at Colin Sullivan they can check out Mullane.

Others that might be of interest, several I have yet to see but have heard to keep an eye on. Kyle Bodie (Union), Kalle Kossila (St Cloud St although he'll likely get drafted if he keeps putting up points, was passed over last year), Matt Neal and Jacob Laliberte (RPI), Matt Thurber (Northern Michigan), Austin Czarnik (Miami Ohio), Antoine Laganiere (Yale), Eric Robinson and Matt Lindblad (Dartmouth)

Agreed on Rowney, I got to think he'll easily get an NHL contract after the season ends.
Agree on all accounts. We keep talking about Czarnik, Laganière and Mullane so I guess something will happen with them. Sparks was also an interesting prospect from me. Type of guy, like Romney that might never amount to anything offensively, but could develop into something serviceable even in the NHL.

I really can't wait to see the difference the new philsophy will bring as far as signings and invitiations. My expectations would be that it would help tremendously, yet, maybe it won't happen already next year but might take a couple of years. I hope we'd be all over the UFA's like that, yet, I also understand that we are the victim of being too good at drafting, hence not a lot of contracts available for UFA's. Reason why we need to be careful with our contracts. Reason why a guy like Dustin Walsh might not be signed. Though, he's the type of guy that we could look back and wished we would have signed him. Was way too hurt to have any kind of analysis on him. But he was too hurt.....which is somewhat of a red flag. Nygren and Pribyl...that would be interesting to see what they'll do....

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