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11-03-2012, 02:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Gudbranson4Prez View Post
Yes, cause I thought Rau would be a clutch player for the US, doesn't mean I think Rau will be anything close to Eberle.
This would seem to somewhat contradict an argument we've had before. Progress, i guess.

Originally Posted by Gudbranson4Prez View Post
Yes, I do think Gudbranson will be an elite physical defenseman in the mold of Pronger... IDK how you could negate that.
You cannot fathom how one may wish to negate, or at least, remain conservative when projecting?

Gudbranson has the meaness, the IQ and the skating to be a quality defender. I still question whether that is enough to make him a truely elite defenseman. I assume you are comparing him stylistically to Pronger and not in terms of impact. Gudbranson will not likely ever come close to sustaining the impact Pronger had. We shall with Gudbranson, but he'll need to reach pure domination defensively because offensively the upside isn't that significant.

Originally Posted by Gudbranson4Prez View Post
Yes, I think Grimaldi is as good a skater as Skinner. That being said, I've only seen a handful of games of Rocco... But I'm sure you've caught them all.
You need to quantify what you are trying to convey. If you think Grimaldi skates as well as Skinner, it's a plausible debate. If you're trying to infer that due to that, he'll have the same NHL impact as Skinner, and likely as good a career, i think you're incorrect.

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