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11-03-2012, 02:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Jack de la Hoya View Post
I don't really agree with most of your post--you seem to keep insisting that Gardiner played against top-competition, despite the statistical evidence to the contrary, and I certainly don't see how the transition from NCAA / AHL to NHL is more difficult than that from QMJHL to NHL is, but I really don't know what this last part means.
The statistical evidence doesn't say the contrary. It says as an average it was less, not he never played against top opposition, and those statistics are flawed anyway.

I literally SAW him play against top opposition, on the PK, and in tough situations, as I watched every single Leaf game.

As for NCAA vs. QMJHL, QMJHL play more games in a season (meaning they are more accustomed to a longer season) and it is a style more similar to the NHL.

Originally Posted by Jack de la Hoya View Post
Obviously, it is quite difficult to compare a defenseman and a center, and yes, Gardiner outscored Couturier during the regular season (while getting greater opportunities to produce offensively), but Couturier was the best defensive forward on a playoff team, whereas Gardiner was the, what, 2nd or 3rd best defenseman on a bottom-feeder? I'm not really sure where it is clear that Gardiner was the superior player last year at all.
Couturier was not the best defensive forward on the Flyers. Funny how you only used advanced statistics when talking about Gardiner.

Gardiner being on a bottom-feeder had no impact in where he played. We actually had a very deep, full defensive core, and he forced us to play him. It's too bad your playoff team wouldn't use "the best defensive player" more. Sure would have helped them. I guess they wanted to lose.

Originally Posted by Jack de la Hoya View Post
EDIT: What's the point of this on-going debate anyway? To figure out which team would say "no" faster or louder? Obviously, Toronto fans are happy with Gardiner and believe he is more useful to them going forward than Couturier. That's pretty clearly the consensus among Flyers fans as well. Isn't it time to let this thing fade to the obscurity of page 2?
I agree. Both sides say no. I just don't appreciate people continually laughing at the Leafs for not taking a bad deal.

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