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11-03-2012, 02:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Major4Boarding View Post
That was interesting. Kelly says he is still in contact with a lot of players.

He also mentioned that if the owners were truly sincere about this grand sales pitch of 50/50, that they wouldnt create some artificial subset of revenues, subtract some costs, and maintain control over all the levers that can further manipulate those revenues that is allocated as HRR for sharing. They would just share 50% of all revenues. Otherwise, there is no real grand moral principle behind the number.

Baseball is said to spend a smaller percentage of revenues on salaries than the other leagues, but then MLB has no reason to create some artificial construct like BRI or HRR to use as their revenue figure. They just use baseball revenue.

He also said that anyone who thinks he would have been a pushover in these negotiations is sadly mistaken. He would have tried the good cop routine, but really, up against bettman, batterman, entire law firms with armies of lawyers forging new sports realities throughout the continent, this is not a time when many believe that an accommodating response is going to work best.

The owners disingenuous and poorly conceived idea for realignment they tried to shove through was allegedly based on the idea that there would soon be two new expansion franchises that would make the realignment fit best for them to move into.

So to take a portion of that money and set it aside for making the player contracts whole is an interesting thought, but it seems as likely the owners would set down that slippery slope as they would give up cost certainty. But who knows i guess, desperate times call for desperate measures perhaps.

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