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11-03-2012, 02:53 PM
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Originally Posted by BoldNewLettuce View Post
How can you know if someone is "trying to kill" or if injuries are coincidental? A lot of the time it isn't obvious.
I agree, and I was referencing Hall's hit, it wasn't that malicious IMO.

I was talking more generically about what topchowda's sarcastic comment was trying to say.

Originally Posted by topchowda
Ofcourse thats the worst thing that could happen and I hope it never does. Oilers prospect Taylor Fedun broke his femur last pre season and that can be a life threatening injury. The play was totally a hockey play (against minny weird enough) . My position is that injuries caused by hockey plays are unavoidable. It order to prevent injuries we would have to completely change the game. The reason hockey is exciting and people watch it is because of the high speed and energy. As a result of the players get injured. To change the game would maybe prevent injuries, but make it less enjoyable.


Injuries resulting from non hockey plays (cooke on savard) are totally avoidable. Those plays sicken me because they intend to injure someone. They have no place in the game and show the lack of respect players have. Those plays can be erased with no ill effects to the actaul style of hockey we have now.

Getting back to hockey plays. Those injuries are a two way street. Yes players hit hard and sometimes connect with the head, but thats because the game is so fast its almsot unavoidable. But also, players must keep themselves safe, they have to be aware of their surrounding and not put themselves in a vulernable position. I do not mean to mock brodin, but what are halls options in that situation? He is going for the loose puck, then has to make a hit once brodin gets there first.

Does he not go to the loose puck? If not he will get berated for being lazy.
If he doesnt make the hit he gets sat for letting Brodin make the play and not making the hit.

Now if Hall had jumped/thrown an elbow, that is unexcusable because he could have made an effective play without doing that. In this situation making the hit was the correct hockey play and the injury that resulted in very bad, but as a result of a hockey play, not a dirty play

Just because I say injuries from hockeys plays are unavoidable doesnt mean I dont feel for gusy that get serious injuries. Its part of the game. Player sign up knowing the dangers. I wish noone the pain of getting a serious injury
I agree with what you said, Brodin definitely put himself in a bad position, I also think that Hall could have pulled up a bit, I think he could have hounded him for the puck, played the body but been more careful about it, that's all I'm saying.

Yeah, hockey is supposed to be played with speed and physicality, but what happens when someone gets gravely injured, and I'm betting it will happen sooner rather than later the way the game has been progressing.

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