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11-03-2012, 02:55 PM
Bob b smith
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Originally Posted by DocBrown View Post
So what are you saying? I'm still unclear.

Are you saying Darren Dreger did not receive his information from an NHLPA source?

Are you saying the NHL did not reluctantly confirm?

Are you saying Dreger is a liar?

Wouldn't it have been better PR for the league to "leak" that offer info tuesday, then shift the blame to the PA before cancelling the WC.

You're being vague, and it seems you're creating a conspiracy theory.
There's no conspiracy. The PA is probably trying to pull the same stuff with much less success however... It could have happened several ways... For example, info is found by a given journalist, goes to the League for confirmation, the league can sell them their take on the story when it's convenient for them before it goes to print. Who knows? Information management 101.

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