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11-03-2012, 03:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Kishire View Post
I agree, and I was referencing Hall's hit, it wasn't that malicious IMO.

I was talking more generically about what topchowda's sarcastic comment was trying to say.

I agree with what you said, Brodin definitely put himself in a bad position, I also think that Hall could have pulled up a bit, I think he could have hounded him for the puck, played the body but been more careful about it, that's all I'm saying.

Yeah, hockey is supposed to be played with speed and physicality, but what happens when someone gets gravely injured, and I'm betting it will happen sooner rather than later the way the game has been progressing.
Ill might agree that maybe Hall could have held up once Brodin got the puck, but its a very quick game, so he may not have time to do that. Hall is the one at ice level, we watch on a grainy feed picking it apart second by second, maybe he thought Brodin would beat him wheeling around the boards. Or maybe he was excited since it was his game in 8 months.

The only way the game will change is once player understand the gravity of their actions and the consquences of concussions. There is also the issue of how much we as fans encourage big hits and the influences that things like "TSN hit parade" or Don Cherries biggest hits have on players actions

But this is not the forum to discuss that on. Hopefully tonights game has some fights but no injuries. Wonder if Eberle/Hall sits out (RNH did last night, since that have a triple header)

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