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Originally Posted by chessarmy View Post
Good game Ducks.

4th time this season that I've had to switch goalies midway through, and yet another loss because my goalie gives up easy wristers. That first goal you scored, I couldn't believe it. The next two I thought were just wrist shots while you were skating up the wing. Its almost impossible for me to play defense this way, I try to cover everything and the goalie just lets up easy shots and takes away all my momentum. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to play good D, only for the goalie to give up a rebound off a 2MPH wrist shot and then I'm losing again. I go into the replays and try to figure out how I let the goals in and sometimes I just can't figure it out. 5-7-1, still lots of hockey left and maybe the sim will help me, but I wouldn't be surprised if I was a bottom feeder this year...

My ****ing goalies shouldn't be allowing 4 goals on 12 shots. This is extremely frustrating.
Yeah that was pretty poor game from Brodeur. I have never seen anything like that first goal, I don't know if my guys stick broke or if it hit your D in the leg but it literally just fluttered from the top of the circle and hit brodeur then somehow went right through him. Wellwoods goal, the third one, was quite ugly as well I was trying to cut around your D to the net but ran out of room so flipped a backhand on net from the goal line and it went right through the short side.

Too bad your goaltending has been so brutal because you outplayed me like crazy, shots were what? 30-12 or something like that for you?

I must say it is nice to be on this side of the terrible goaltending for once tho as Hiller has been pretty disappointing but it sucks to even win games with pansy wristers.

How quick until Evo tells us both that Nuevy is available? haha

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