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11-03-2012, 03:18 PM
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Originally Posted by the8bandarmadillo View Post
As a Minnesota fan, I think it's just the hypocrisy coming from the Edmonton journalists and some of their fans. An article was posted after the first Houston/OKC game and one of the journalists was whining that Edmonton players were being deliberately targeted, including Granlund's errant stick whack to Nuge's face. Furthermore, Hall was whining earlier in the week as evident here:

about being teams targeting elite players and he goes and does something stupid like that? He's going to have to keep his head up and his head on a swivel.

As Wild fans, we're used to this sort of BS and I think partly because Shanahan didn't do anything (nor apparently will the AHL) teams will continue to take liberties and runs at Wild players/Aero players because why not?

It's just frustrating as a Wild fan. If this happened to a guy like Gardiner or Schultz? The board would be flooded with Leaf/Oiler fans whining about how their team is being targeted and how unfair it is and how the player should get a suspension. The Wild have had a TON of injuries due to very questionable hits the last two years and how many suspensions have resulted in it? I think 1 and Clutter didn't even get injured.

BTW here's the article:
You mean the match penalty that was rescinded today because the league said it was a hit to the shoulder?

Face it, neither injury was a dirty play. It sucks that they got hurt and I wish them quick recoveries, but calling Oiler journalists and fans hypocrites isn't accurate. Our guys have been targeted with questionable plays like the knee on Eberle and fans and media have a right to bring that up. Hall did nothing wrong, and defending that position isn't hypocrisy.

BTW - you guys aren't the only ones that have had to suffer through injuries.

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