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Can I get some help with this??? Our districts playoff scenarios:

District 10-5A Playoff Scenarios

Let's say Allen wins and is 5-0.

East defeats Plano West
McKinney High defeats Boyd

All teams are at 2-3

All teams should be at 2-2 against each other.

The tiebreaker in 10-5A is as follows. Thanks to Plano ISD for the tiebreaker information. The system is +/- with a max of 14 and does NOT revert back to head to head.

Currently the points totals are as follows--I knew these district grids were going to come in handy!

East is at -24
West is at 2
Boyd is at 13
Plano High is finished at 25
McKinney High is at -16

East has to win over West by 14 points. East would then be at -10. West would be at -12. Boyd cannot be over taken by East. McKinney High cannot defeat Boyd over 6 points. Any time the teams are tied on points, then it's coin flip time.

Boyd and Plano High are in this scenario regardless. West has to lose by 14 or more to be out. For McKinney to be out, McKinney High cannot win by more than 6 points. High wins by 6 points while East wins over West by 14 or more, then East is out and West is out. McKinney High is in.

This is for Plano West if they lose to Plano East and McKinney High wins over Boyd

The median for West and McKinney High is 9 points. If West loses to East by 9 points, then West is at -7. McKinney High defeats Boyd by 9 points, then McKinney is at -7.

If Plano West loses to East by only 7 for example. Then

East at -17
West at -5.

McKinney High then must defeat Boyd by over 11 points. East is eliminated either way. West and McKinney have to play a game of sliding scale and we won't know what will happen. Basically McKinney High needs to stay above 9 points of the margin of defeat that Plano West will have.

Hope that helps. In the 2-3 scenario, Plano High and McKinney Boyd are in as they cannot be over taken by East or McKinney High. (Boyd loses to McKinney High by 14 or more, then Boyd is at -1. McKinney High is at -2. East is at -10. West is at -12. Even if West's margin is less than a 14 loss to East, there will always be two teams behind Boyd.)

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