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11-03-2012, 03:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Vagrant View Post
I have to admit I am a little bummed about this too. So many of Skinner's peers are playing somewhere, have the same contractual "excuses", and are bettering their games by playing hockey right now. This really starts to show you which players mean it when they say they would "play for free", which is essentially what Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle, etc. are doing right now. Very disappointing unless there is more to this story.
It says right there in the post above yours that Hall's contract is insured against AHL injuries and Skinner's is not.

It also plainly says that Skinner wants to play, and is being advised not to do so.

We know that Skinner is continuing to train, so conditioning is not a reason to take the risk. Neither is money, or fame, or the significance of the games. So what exactly would his reason be, other than whooping it up on the bus in Abbotsford and Binghamton for a few weeks?

Is this where we start crapping all over this freakin' godsend of a player that fell into our laps two years ago because he shuts up and listens when a professional agent tells him it isn't worth the risk to break his ongoing training to go light up some AHL'ers? Jesus, it's one thing when this board railroads guys like Boychuk and Murphy and Stewart and Corvo and Ruutu AWard and Pitkanen and Staal, but now Skinner? Really?

As hard as this kid works and as hard as he plays, the fact that "enthusiasm" is even being mentioned here is verging on the Twilight Zone.

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