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11-03-2012, 03:41 PM
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Originally Posted by DocBrown View Post
A poster I very much admire once said "How else am I to interpret this?"

Are you saying his NHLPA source is out to lunch then and fabricated the info on the deal? More explanation in your post would lead to less misinterpretation......cuz to me it implied dreger believed the original source was nhlpa because someone told him it was that wasn't nhlpa. I'm unclear on how else to read this?
I don't think Dreger is lying. I don't believe he fabricated any of it. I pulled up his tweet that said a 'a player related' source.

I think you're trying to extrapolate based on what -->you<-- think I might say, not paying attention to what I actually AM saying. I just like to be held accountable for what I posted, not someone's extrapolation, "Oh, did you mean ______". NO, if I had meant _____, why wouldn't I have said it. I am not challenged when it comes to writing, usually rather succinctly in intent in spite of the quantity.

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