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11-03-2012, 03:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Hammman View Post
This CBA doesn't just affect the players currently in the league; it affects every future CBA down the line from here on out. The worse the deal they eventually agree upon is for the players, the worse the deal after that will be.
No. You negotiate a CBA for a reason. Again, if the league is healthier next go-round, the owners will have no incentive to lose games and revenue. This time, their incentive is not as dire as 2005, but they do have plenty of incentive as a collective to try to get back to at least break-even.

This whole 'lockout to end lockouts' thing is asinine. First of all, it's stupid financially.

Second of all, they say they will take 50/50 with contracts being honoured - so they've already thrown future players under the bus.

Third, this lockout creates no precedence whatsoever for the next one. The financial situation at that time is completely uncertain. So it MIGHT prevent another clawback. Or it might not. And you're going to sacrifice 25% of your income for something that will MAYBE benefit future players?

Things that would actually benefit future players would be the free agency limits. Yet the NHLPA hasn't mentioned any of them in their proposals so far. Again, future players my butt.

If the players wanted to strike in 2017 or whatnot because at that time the NHL had become a huge juggernaut on the NA sports stage, I would wholly support that.

Someone come up with something better.

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